Two mamas, with a combined total of 8 babies, 10 moves, 12 years of friendship, who through seasons of singleness, newly married, little babies into the teen years, staying at home, being professionals outside the home, homeschooling, church planting, in addition to sharing a longtime bond of perpetual fatigue and constant striving, decided to speak up.  

We were a little tired, not just for ourselves, but of hearing others get beaten down and stuck in a cycle of comparison living. So...let's refocus on Him - Jesus, the one whose opinion of us matters.  Let's let our thoughts and actions be defined by Him and nothing else.  

We will absolutely not pretend to have all the answers.  Nor are we under the impression that we have it all put together.  That's not really the goal anyway, is it?  There is no "arriving" in life until we've made it to His feet.  But...our HOPE and our PRAYER is that this might be a safe space, free of comparison, a place for easy ideas, encouragement for the every day, and intentional living.

(Sidenote: we are so different from one another.  As in: Amanda and Lily.  Not sames.  Therefore, nothing about what we have to offer ... except for Jesus... is a one size fits all.)   

So without much else being said here are a few fun facts and helpful tips as you navigate The Hybrid Home.

Things you just will not find here at The Hybrid Home:        

  • daily posts (see above-we have a combined total of 8 children)
  • perfectly planned gourmet, gluten-free, paleo meal plans
  • professional photography...we tried.
  • condemnation through excellently accessorized tablescapes
  • the most thematically correct birthday party ideas that perfectly coordinate with food items for 3 year olds - we did that once.
  • your 12 step guide to your best homeschool curriculum and daily schedule yet

Things you will find:

An invitation into our real, sometimes messy, every day lives.  An encouragement for your uniqueness in Him; to find what works for you, what doesn't, and the hybrid that fits in your home.   

Friends, we are so glad you decided to stop by our page.  We pray you find encouragement and freedom here.  That you feel validated in the gifts and season of life you are in and that ultimately you are pointed to Jesus.  


Lily & Amanda