Gracious Goodness

Every birth and every adoption, has it’s own unique story… as unique as each of us.  And all of the elements that make us unique play a part in that: our tendencies, our emotions, our personalities, our hopes and goals.  For me, the adoption of our youngest son was tainted with the knowledge of my vicarious experiences as a foster care and adoption social worker.  Our process of adoption was quick, in comparison to others, but was years in the making.  God used our 10 plus years of marriage and parenting and ministry to prepare our hearts and minds, and bring us to a place of unity in our pursuit of a child through adoption.  And after all of the paperwork and processes were done, I remember being on the cusp of fully committing to this child…this stranger from a foreign land…and quite frankly being frozen with fear.  Maybe it was because I knew too much, or maybe, better yet, it was because I thought I knew too much and actually I knew very little; at least personally.  I did recognize however, how much our lives were about to change.  How different it was all going to be.  And possibly the “hard” that we were welcoming in.

“Was it going to ruin us?”-Goodness gracious!, that’s a terrible thing to say…I know.  It is.  It’s a terrible thought to have.  But there it is.  Was it going to be too much of a mess for our tidy life?

I am sometimes disillusioned into thinking that my obedience to Him, should somehow earn me the reward of an easy and carefree life.  But, He does not promise ease, or comfort, in fact he promises the opposite:  John 16:33b, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

I knew in God’s perfect timing and way that He had orchestrated all of these things and had brought us to this place where he was telling us to “just obey”.  He did not promise that it would be easy or tidy or even feel good.  But God.  He does promise His steadfast love, and His always-faithfulness, and His immovable peace, and His gracious goodness; a God kind of goodness…not a people kind of goodness.  A deep, and rich and new goodness…that teaches God’s character and draws you into Him like nothing else can.  And He has been faithful, and kind, and good, and true.   

Praying your Monday is filled with the gracious goodness of God - that where troubles may meet you, so would His abounding greatness.