Stewarding the Season


See this little guy?  He is my most challenging.  He’s fire.  Fierce and hilarious.  Loving and spunky.  Insanely loyal but also loves a good battle.  From the moment he was born we have been in a constant state of “you are hilarious” slash “what do I do with you.”  Do you have one like that?  I’ve been around so many children in my life and I have never met a child with as much persistence and grit.  He has pushed me to the end of myself more than my other three children combined.  I have spent so many days looking forward to when he’s —- old.  “Man, when we get there it will be so much easier!”…or, “I can’t wait for him to be able to do this!”

The grass does always seem greener :)  Turns out busted pull ups all down the side of bunk beds are actually worse, in my opinion, than babies who wake up cranky for two years!

This spunky, funky, hilarious, delightful third child of mine has been a much needed a reminder over and over, interruption after interruption, bedtime battle after bedtime battle, to steward THIS season.  You see, my mind rarely slows down.  I am full of big ideas and I love a good dream.  Ask me what I’m thinking and it’s like the pop up ad that won’t go away until you press control+alt+delete for 30 seconds.  Events of what could be, so many goals and mountains to climb.  But it can, quite frankly, keep my mind aloof and focused on things that literally have zero priority in my life in this season.  My tough little one reminds me to steward this day.  Steward this heart.  Steward this season, not the seasons 2-5-10 years down the road.  I can take one next right step.  And steward this moment and this hour.  I can put down my phone, walk away from the dishes, set aside the goals, and let the laundry sit a while. The beauty in the prayer and scripture, “Teach us to number our days,” lies in that we get the perfect teacher willingly guiding us on what and how to steward.

Are there things clamoring for your attention that have you grasping for more or goals that maybe aren’t for now?  Do you find yourself in a season that keeps you looking ahead to whatever season might be next?  Don’t miss out on what God has entrusted to you NOW and the opportunities He has laid before you.  “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).”"

Choose well, today, dear friends!