Cleaning Made Simple + Norwex Freebie!

Friends! We (Lily) switched to using Norwex cleaning products about 3 years ago and I can confidently say, I’m never going back. Cleaning has never been easier, more simplified, and safer for our family. However, the product guide can be super overwhelming and let’s be honest - life is busy and overwhelming is not what we want.

If you’ve been on the fence about Norwex or are just hearing about Norwex for the first time, this guide is for you :) I’ve put together our Top 5 Picks to clean your entire house, and are sure to save you money in the long run. No but really - only 5 cleaning products. For the whole house. The only thing missing is a mop - but try out these five items first and see what you think :) Money back if you’re not satisfied.

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