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Summer Favorites, For the Momma

Summertime, can mean a lot of great family and friend time, which is all good and wonderful…but we know that you also need to fit in some intentional time and choices for YOU.  So, we’ve got you covered momma. 

My time is limited in every area of my life and finding ways to simplify when possible is my life goal.  Part of my limited time means approximately no time to shop.  I really do love especially when seasons change and I need a few staple pieces that will last.  I’m still wearing all the pieces I received as a birthday gift 4 years ago and not a one has worn out.  It’s easy to return, easy to request a stylist change, and most of all … easy to get dressed!  A note on their customer service —>  my husband tried it stitchfix men this winter & one of his belt loops broke on a brand new pair of khakis.   They sent him a new pair of pants, free of charge, and he got to keep both.  Wins all around in my book!

- Lily,

I have been indulging recently in homemade Iced Vanilla Chai Latte to combat the heat! It’s absolutely delicious, refreshing and the protein powder + cinnamon helps keep your blood sugar balanced as you go about your day. Directions: Mix Three tablespoons of half and half, 1/3cup of almond milk, one scoop of vanilla or unflavored protein powder, sprinkle of cinnamon, tiny dash of salt, bit of vanilla extract, and a cup using 1 or 2 bags of Vanilla Chai Tea. Put all the ingredients, except for the tea, into a mason jar and shake it up really well. Pour into the cup of tea over ice and enjoy!

– Katie,

If you need your iced coffee on the quick and have some leftover morning brew, here’s another great recipe, using another favorite, Califia Farms Coffee Creamer … because iced coffee is better with this creamer.  Just trust your instincts that this combined with coffee and a dollop of chocolate syrup over ice, is just well, what summer dreams are made of.

- Lily,

How about some fuel, other than caffeine? Summer salads! One of my favorite things about the changing of seasons is also the shift of new favorites on our meal plan! In the fall I love soups and in the summer it’s salads on repeat. These are a few of my favorite simple, homemade dressings: Strawberry VinaigretteCilantro Dressing, basic Balsamic Vinnegrette (3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, 1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard, 1 clove of minced garlic, ½ cup olive oil, salt and pepper to taste)

– Katie,


And to keep those fresh salads, fruits and veggies clean, you have got to use Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak
One summer activity that we really look forward to is picking fresh summer fruit from our local orchard. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries.... my mouth waters at the thought. Since I’m not really sure what our orchard uses for pest control or how many people have handled the fresh veggies we buy at the pop-up farmers market, I use Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak to clean it all. It safely and effectively washes produce without toxins by using the cleansing power of naturally derived ingredients and essential oils. 

– Denean,

Finally, how about some fuel for your soul?  "The Valley of Vision" devotional has been so refreshing for me. It’s a collection of Puritan prayers and on busy mornings where I can’t do my full devotional studies I love reading a prayer to refresh my Spirit with truth. – Katie,