Variety is a ploy of the devil.


Have you ever stood in the grocery store, frozen with indecision, because of all of the varieties of one product that you are looking to buy?  I have.  I have also spent way too much time contemplating a gift to purchase even after reminding myself of what my mom used to say “they aren’t even going to know all the options”.

So, why do we have so many options?  I mean really, how many types of cooking oils, or canned beans, or cereals can this world need.  Have you seen the dressing aisle lately?  Just give me one large bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch and one of Brianna’s Poppy Seed and every person in my family is happy!  Every. Last. One.  And of course, all of these varieties and options cause us to pause and contemplate, and doubt our decisions and selections.  And then we doubt ourselves.  Are we making the right choices for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our children?  Good grief!  The choices, the indecision, the lunacy!  AND if I choose this and that lady chooses something else, am I wrong in my choice? It is a struggle. 

The other day as I talked to my friend, she was sharing her guilt over feeding her children the same 4 meals all the time.  You know the ones: chicken nuggets and fries, spaghetti, tacos, hot dogs (the good kind of course). 

And that is when it struck me…and I declared!

“Variety is a ploy of the devil!” 

I mean, come on, as a culture we are obviously “privileged” with way too many options.  We are not guilty of anything here.   She was not guilty of anything.  But the guilt was there. For not taking the abundance of options and turning out a new and fresh four course meal for her family each night that consists of all the balanced proportions, nutrients, probiotics, amino acids, and healing properties to protect her family members from influenza, whooping cough, cellulite, and glaucoma.

For Pete’s sake, let’s embrace the mundane, the old familiar, the worn out menu.  Let’s throw off the guilt and shame and grill up some Ballpark franks.   Leave behind the torment over options and confidently serve your children a plate of golden goodness; you know what I mean; chicken, fries and corn.  Be inspired by the words of a child, who represents all the children of this great nation, who love a good meal on a stick or in a pocket or in a wrap, and let’s go easy on ourselves as we start this week and prepare our menus.