thrifty spring break

Gearing up for family time…

I don’t know about you all but I am so looking forward to some time to be with my kids, take a break from school, and spend some time outside and taking advantage of time together. Oh, and also no packing lunches, or sports practices, or alarm clocks! WooHoo.

Whether you are looking forward to Spring Break, thinking about the upcoming summer months, or just trying to make intentional memories as a family.  We are on a mission to take back our home, take back our family time, and take back the joy of being together. Really, this doesn’t mean we have to do more, it means we have to be intentional and sometimes even do less! We hope that you can find joy in making intentional memories and moments with your family and friends. If you need a little bit of a boost to know what to do, here you go.

We have a list of some of our tried and true games and activities, that have proven to be well worth their expense and many even have educational merit too.  Win-win.



Pizza 31 game-originally sold at Hallmark stores, this is a fun and clever card game that helps kids (and adults) with their mental math and game strategy as they play. First hand to 31 wins or if you have a strong hand you can call “pizza delivery” and the round ends. It’s a favorite all around.



 Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Jr. – this is by far one of our family’s favorite games.  The new “junior” edition, called First Journey is a shortened version of the beloved game and makes for a quicker and easier playtime for younger players. It is a fun strategy game where you have to determine your best routes to accomplish your destinations to win.  



Yahtzee, travel edition- such a fun and classic game and I love the easy container to keep all of the pieces in.  We picked this up one time while visiting while away on a trip and everyone had so much fun learning and playing this classic game together.



Uno-this one never gets old.  This has become a favorite with even our youngest child.  I love that even younger players can understand and see “matches” to make the next move.



Magnet blocks-these are a great toy for any age, but they make for a fun and frustration free building time, as even the littlest hands can learn to get the magnets to stick together to build.  Which means, you can have a pretty impressive tower built, with little instruction and with lots of creativity. 



Snap circuits-my 2 bigger boys (12 and 9) especially enjoy figuring out new configurations and making things run and fly and alarm with their snap circuit set. You can also build onto the sets with additional sets to make things bigger and better.



Set-This card game happens to be one of my favorites, so I reintroduced it to the kids, thinking it would be a particular favorite for one of our children who has a “visual” learning brain like mine.  To win this game you have to be the first one to see a set of three matches. It is fun to learn!



No Stress Chess

 This is a two for one game and great for little and bigs alike! In one version you play with a deck of cards that teaches about each piece and the ways in which it can move. Once your budding chess player gets the hang of it you can forgo the cards and play the old fashioned way.


Q-bitz Jr. 

This game is adorable for little hands and incorporates hand eye coordination as well as acute awareness to patterns and shapes. It comes with four miniature boards, each with a different colored set of blocks. There are multiple variations of the game, all resulting in matching your individual blocks to a pattern on a card. If your little one likes a challenge, you can race one another, set a timer and more.