Simple Ways to Avoid Crashing and Burning by 8am Monday Morning

It's easy to sit back and savor every second of the weekend, all the way up until it's time to hit the hay Sunday night.  But we've found taking just an hour or two out of your weekend to plan/prep for the week ahead can make all the difference.  Here are a few things we've found to keep our weeks a little less intimidating.  

1.  Meal Prep - doesn't have to be fancy!  (Mon: Pizza, Tues: Hot dogs, Wed: Spaghetti, etc...) But take note of what you have, make a list of what you need and make sure you have some easy dinner options on hand.   Having a list of lunch options is also helpful, in case you have hidden cans of tuna or bags of carrots hiding in the back of the fridge.  See where there might be a weeknight that's unusually more difficult than others and head to the nearest kids eat free.  If you're the freezer-meal kind, share some of your favorites!  

2.  Do a quick clean - This might mean having all the kids put away their laundry, quick bleach of the toilets and trying to tidy up every room so you start fresh first thing Monday.  We keep a couple of bins in various areas to put toys throughout the week that seem to wander off; at the end of the week we grab a bucket and put it all away.  

3. Scan the calendar - make sure you know who has appointments when, any "special" school days and any evenings that hold dinner plans.  Having a mental note of what lies ahead keeps surprises minimal.  

4. For those with kids in school/hybrid school/coop, scan the folders and make sure you're not missing any field trip forms and report cards or other important things like early release!  For those that homeschool - plan out a few goals for the week, make sure supplies and materials are ready and expectations are clear.  I once read a great quote, "kids cannot respond accurately for things you haven't prepped them for."  Prepare them well for the week ahead!  


Comment below with how you make the most of your planning - any other tips and tricks you have to share with us?  Easy lunch ideas?