Intentionally Celebrating Easter

Anyone else struggle with slowing down to enjoy and embrace certain aspects of holidays?    Easter is one that I long to celebrate really well and with great intentionality but it takes a lot of effort for me to pause and look past all the spring-cleaning, de-winterizing the house, preparing for end of year testing and so on.  

As we head into Holy Week, here are some simple, intentional and discussion provoking ideas you can easily do at home with your family.  Make the most of this Easter by celebrating the King together!

-Read and discuss the Resurrection story together throughout the week.  We love the Resurrection Eggs. There are also some great resources online that follow along with The Jesus Storybook Bible, She Reads Truth app, or a more hands-on sensory approach with littles such as

-Make a Resurrection Garden - all you need is one clay planter plate, one small clay pot, potting soil, rocks, fast growing grass seed and a few sticks.  If you make these on Monday or Tuesday your grass should be growing by Easter Sunday!

-Participate as a family in different aspects of the resurrection story, such as washing each others’ feet, recreating a seder meal together as you discuss the last supper, etc.

-Observe & celebrate Good Friday; we really enjoy these resurrection rolls as a cute visual and tasty treat during our devotional

Keep it simple and sweet - nothing takes the joy right out of the home more than too many good intentions but not enough time and energy.