DIY Fall Wreath


I’m really not that much of a DIY gal but paying more than $20 for a wreath is also not my favorite… so I whipped out my Hobby Lobby & Michael’s coupons and whipped this up for less than $20 and less than 20 minutes. No hot glue involved. Also a plus.


  1. 40% off coupon for local craft store

  2. 15inch+ bare wreath

  3. 3-4 different flowers, one of each

The best way to pick out flowers is similar to picking out flowers for a planter, as described here. You want a thriller (the yellow), a filler (the red/orange peonies), and a spiller (green buds). Trim down your wires so you have about 5-6 inches to weave (read: shove) into your wreath starting with the bottom left first and working your way up and to the right. There is absolutely nothing to perfect, just gently bend and arrange until you like the visual. That’s it!! You did it!!