Easy DIY Fall Flower Planter

Easy DIY Fall Flower Planter


If you’re not that in to DIY or slightly more time consuming floral arrangements - this is the flower pot for you :)  It is a perfect housewarming or fall party gift and a quaint edition to your front porch. It involves three steps, if you count going to the store to purchase plants + pot.  

Step 1 - go to your local home improvement store or nursery and pick out three separate plants, 1 medium pot to put them in, and some extra potting soil.  This arrangement includes 1) celosia purple flamingo, 2) purple cabbage and 3) mums. See below for a guide on how to decide which plants to purchase if you want something of a different variety.  

Step 2 - fill your pot with potting soil, leaving about 2 inches at the top

Step 3 - gently remove plants from their plastic pots and gently spread apart their roots before inserting into pot and packing down with potting soil.  Water well.


If you want to change it up a bit or are looking to make more than one arrangement, Amanda shares some tips:

  1. Groups of three are more pleasing to the eye

  2. Follow the trusted rule of thumb, “thriller-filler-spiller” when choosing plants.  A Thriller is usually in the back or middle of the pot, taller and eye-catching. In this case, it is the celosia purple flamingo.  Filler is generally a medium level plant but more substantial and works well in the middle and/or taking up more space. Lastly, the Spiller is a low lying plant such as the purple cabbage pictured here.  It generally creeps or crawls out the edge such as ivy.