Fall Decorating Simplified

Fall Decorating Simplified

There’s something universally captivating and enchanting as autumn ushers its way in from the busyness of summer.  The crispy dew and cooler air, animals bustling in a scurry to gather and prepare for winter; the joy of friends gathering around a fire in the earlier evening.  So many aspects of fall whisper “worship” and point to the Creator of all things bright and beautiful. It’s no wonder that there can often be this enate desire to create a beautiful and homey space -  It’s how we are wired, because He desires the gathering and intimacy beauty often brings. However, creating beautiful spaces doesn’t have to be costly nor extravagant. It doesn’t mean a large home or a perfect table-scape or eloquent mantles.  

First and foremost, God describes beauty as being inward.  We are reminded often in scripture that beauty lies in the heart.  

For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Our outward expression of beauty should reflect that which the Lord has made beautiful already.  And when we take a look at our surroundings, beauty and color can be found in the every day all around us as a direct reflection of the Father’s heart: a vase full of vibrant red apples, the scent of vanilla spice filling the air, warm coffee in hand and cozy nooks offering a place to sit  - not as a means of entertaining; rather they are intended as celebrating the God of color and texture and beauty, for the purpose of inviting others into that lovely space of heart and home.  

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God,

To receive glory and honor and power,

For you created all things,

And by your will they existed and were created.”

Revelation 4:11

A few ways we’ve found to enjoy the beauty of the season and all the lovely and beautiful that He created, and also invite others in to do the same is by:

  1. Keeping it simple.  It doesn’t have to be a Pinterest treasure trove.  Less can truly be more in this regard.

  2. Use things that don’t need to be stored year round - in the age of abundance, there’s something beautiful and freeing about having less.  And by having less I mean (with the exception of one or two “specials") not having to unpack and repack things from bins that require year round storage.  Use the wide variety of things such as pumpkins, baked goods, construction paper leaves, acorns and so forth, that offer loveliness without the cost of having to store it for later.  

  3. Narrowing down a few areas to invite the season in

It is really easy to take one look at your most recent magazine subscription and feel the need to decorate your home top to bottom with all things fall.  But really, a couple touch points will not only have the same effect, but also involve less stress. And mess. Both. Areas we love to focus on are

a) the front porch - offering a host of the season’s vibrant colors are a warm welcome always.  $3 pumpkins +$5 mums and you’re done. Check out a quick fall planter tutorial here that doesn’t require a green thumb.  

b) the front door - Check out a great DIY wreath for less than $20 here

c) scents - sounds obvious but did you know that your sense of smell is actually directly associated with the regions of your brain that trigger memories and emotions?  We looove the winsomeness that is brought on by a fall scented candle or wild orange diffusing in the air. It’s also a phenomenal way to distract friends from the smell of overflowing diaper pails or last night’s thai dinner ;)

d) the table - a pottery barn tablescape is always beautiful, but so is a lovely vase of orange tulips; or small jar of black eyed susans; or an apothecary jar full of zesty oranges.  

Delight in the beauty around you. Take hold of the simple things God has entrusted you to use to invite others in. Let yourself and your surroundings be a means of displaying the goodness and kindness of God. And “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23


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