An Open Letter to Homeschool Moms During the Month of February

Dear fellow homeschool mamas,

I see you.  You’re looking at this 2018 calendar wondering how on earth is it only February 1st.  Have we REALLY got another 3 ½ months left of this??  

There is this funny thing that happens to some of us during the month of February - sometimes called the winter slump.  School seems impossible.  Raising kids, out the window.  The cold weather looms and all of your curriculum choices are horrible; you can’t believe you ever attempted this math book let alone tried to teach more than one kid!  Who ever thought of this crazy idea to homeschool anyway.  Surely it wasn’t your idea.  So long schedules; goodbye productivity.  You’re ready to wave that white flag high in the air and send all of your kids to public school for the remainder of the year.  That’ll teach em!  

But before you keep trodding down that path - or maybe before you even start… here are a few things others have taught me and I’ve found to be true myself.

  1. Don’t make any rash decisions about your curriculum for the month of February.

  2. Do not make any major change decisions about the following school year during the month of February.

  3. Take a break from school if needed and come back full steam ahead in March.

  4. Go back and re-read all the reasons why you’ve chosen to homeschool and make a list of all the goals you HAVE attained, both relationally and academically.  I bet there are more wins than it feels at this exact moment.

  5. Bake some cookies.  Brownies.  Loaves of banana bread.  A lot of them.  Every day, if necessary.  They drastically change the mood of most situations, as do hot chocolate and breakfast outings to Chick Fil A.  

  6. Find your tribe and stick together; meet up with friends at the local museum.  Have friends over for lunch.  Sign up for all the things at your local library, but whatever you do, don’t stay secluded!

  7. If you are not one of those mamas that goes through a February slump - find one that does and love on her extra big!

So ladies, be encouraged that February is a short month.  28 days, in fact.  With a little help from those adorable Pinterest Valentine’s Day math printables and a few extra play dates, you can do this!  Am I right??