Equipping and Preparing Your Kids in the Age of Technology

Amidst the most wonderful and joyous times of parenting, sandwiched in between a whole lot of exhaustion, can also lie the terrifying reality that our sweet and precious babies are entering a really scary world. One of the best things we can do for our children is to prepare them for uncomfortable situations, normalize sexual discussion in a SAFE context, and be available to talk through and answer the not so comfortable questions.

Amanda’s background in social work has given her a keen ability to navigate the elementary, pre-teen and teen years with extreme grace and awareness, while also daily purposing to equip and prepare her kids for challenging, unsafe, and sometimes scary situations all of our children will likely face at some point in their lives.

We have found these books to be extremely helpful in approaching hard conversations in easy-to-grasp language and helping get the conversations started in preparing and equipping your kids.

*The book, Good Pictures Bad Pictures, is a helpful tool that provides a way to have a conversation that could be difficult or challenging with your children. It is a tool, and therefore, you as the parent can decide what age and how much of the book is best to use. My husband and I both read it and we plan to read it with our children individually to provide them each with space to ask questions and to process with us. It seems most suited for our older children, who are upper elementary and middle school age, both male and female. We will wait to read it with our younger boys for another year or more. In my opinion it is a great resource that explains things and the effects of sin and pornography that brings light to the subject and empowers us and our children to walk in the light.