Together Time

March Together Time!


I’m not sure where you live, but over here we are looking at more snow, more ice and more cold. But that doesn’t stop us from at least thinking about all the lovely sounds and colors coming our way in a month or two!

This month I’ve teamed up with the ever so precious and endearing Carla, from Everyday Learn & Play, to bring you all the goodies for your March Morning Basket! Remember, these aren’t intended to replace your current choices, but something to spice it up and add seasonal related activities such as STEM, Art Study, Nature Study, read alouds and a monthly scripture print. You can read more about the heart behind it here.

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February Together Time!

Glory Glory the longest month of the year is OVER and we have all the heart eyes!

One of our most intentional - and favorite - times throughout our homeschool day is during our Together Time. Often known as Morning Time or Morning Basket - our Together Time is filled with our “together” subjects and usually includes a tasty treat or snack. This is a time when we gather around the table, enjoy read alouds, poetry, Bible, and work through a few of our loop subjects such as music and science. However, each month I try to change things up just a bit and include a few seasonal crafts, hands on activities and holiday read alouds. It’s taken us a little while to get into a rhythm that suits our family (ages 8 months - 9 years) but after trial and error and a lot of scouring we’ve come up with a pretty good system that is quick to captivate and engage each of my learners.

Below you’ll find a link to our February Insert. This is not intended to replace your current schedule - simply meant to add a little something extra that is inviting for every member of your family gathered at the table! It’s meant to be hands on, seasonal, and includes a free scripture memory printable! My hope is that this helps cut out those afternoons of scouring book lists, trying to whip up a last minute craft, and spice up your current basket’s curriculum. And if you’re needing some tips on toddlers & Together Time, I’ve included a few ideas we’ve implemented in our home well past the toddler years ;)

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