Best Black Leggings Ever - and a few other things

We had a super fun opportunity to try an outfit from an online store called Simple Addiction.  It was new to me and I was excited about the cute and extremely reasonably priced clothing and accessory options they had available.  If you have a chance to look at their site, I think you may find some things you’d like to try as well.  My 13-year-old daughter also oo-ed and ah-ed over the cuteness.  

This is what I chose:

This super-comfy top, “date night tunic” in grey, found here:

And a pair of their “black solid leggings”, found here:

I also purchased a “blanket scarf” in grey block, found here:

And I went ahead and got a couple jewelry items to accessorize my outfit.  It arrived and I decided to wear it all together for work the next day.  




It was cute and comfy and I got some sweet compliments about it, but the most impressive piece to me was those black solid leggings.  Now, let me say that I have been on the hunt as well as the waiting list for some similar black solid leggings from a certain at home company and I just happened to score some within the same week that my Simple Addiction outfit arrived.  So I got to wear and compare my leggings within days of each other.  My honest review is that regardless of the price, the Simple Addiction leggings were superior on several levels.  They had the right amount of give, they have a wide waist panel-so never once did I have to tug or reposition them, the material was just the right combination of polyester and cotton-so as to be soft and comfortable against my skin, the material also provided full coverage-meaning it was not at all sheer, they stayed put all day, even with all of the moving and bending and lifting I do at work, plus they held their shape.  Oh, yes, and the PRICE!  So, low!

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So, in honor of my new found favorite best black solid leggings ever, I have written a haiku:

Black Solid Leggings

My wardrobe is now complete

Addict. Simply, Me