Lego Birthday Party Extravaganza


Last week I posted some pictures of my son's fun and LEGO filled 6th Birthday Party.  He is a lover of all things creative, LEGOS being one of his most favorites.  Having winter birthdays in the MidWest can sometimes make for a challenge, especially if you're not that into paying a fortune to host a party somewhere!  We kept it simple with at-home games from 1-3pm and easy party food for the kids.  I used to be the type that found adorably themed party food the best but 3 kids + 1 pregnancy later I'm over it and realize kids just don't care!  Throw out some cheese puffs, juice boxes, veggie straws and fruit and they really don't know the difference.  

Much thanks to all the people out there that create free printables on Pinterest and my stellar Amazon Prime abilities, we hosted a great birthday party filled with all things LEGO for very inexpensive.  Check out the ideas and links below!


*LEGO Bingo



*NERF Targets made out of LEGOS



*Pin the head on the LEGO man



*Guess the number of LEGOS in the jar



*LEGO birthday cake

*just pick out your favorite lego men and snag these candles on Amazon to top to any grocery store generic birthday cake


*LEGO party favors

*Walmart gift bags for $.35/each, scoured the clearance section at Walmart for some tiny bags of LEGOS, mini M&M's, finger slingers from the Dollar Store + a colorful balloon because balloons make everything more festive!