Family RV Trip Part 2

Days 2 & 3:

Colorado to Moab, Utah

Pick up the RV in Denver and staying two nights at Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground

Drive time: 5 1/2 hours

Free breakfast for the win!  1. I can’t believe how much my kids ate this particular morning and 2. I can’t believe what a variety they have.  See previous post on my newfound love and affection for Drury Inn and Suites

Check out time is at 11 so after breakfast we went to get our next two days of groceries for the RV.  Someone told us to get a couple days worth of meals at a time.  It helped tremendously with keeping things clean and organized and using what we had.  

You have to call CruiseAmerica the day before picking up your RV to schedule a time slot; ours ended up being at 11:30.  We spent time unpacking bigger suitcases and loading items into the many storage options/drawers within the RV and hit the road by 1:30 pm.  

I packed a separate bin of games/books/activities for the kids specifically for the RV such as Bananagrams, decks of cards, beads + pipe cleaners, and the memory game.  The tabletop seating provided great space for games and coloring, getting in a little disguised math work, and mapping our drive and such!!  My Usborne gal, Kyra, hooked me up with some GREAT trip treats for the kids.  See list here.  

We stayed at Canyonlands for two days and had an AWESOME time at the Arches and finished up at The Rock Shop.  After one day at the Arches we saw plenty and the kids had certainly had their fair share of hiking.  We started off with one of the more challenging hikes, and it happened to snow that morning and our kids were maybe freezing and didn't love it as much as we did.  But we did it!  And most certainly encouraged everyone on their way up, seeing as if WE could do it...truly anyone could.  It was AWESOME having the RV everywhere we went.  Some of the sights we could just stop along the way to see, while others we had the RV in the parking lot readily waiting our arrival back from tough hikes.  At one point in the afternoon I took the kids back to the RV to rest and eat, and also let Billy get in some more vigorous hiking on his own.  It was a great fit for all of us!  

**Things we would have done differently:

-Not planned such a long drive after picking up the RV.  After being on the road all day the day before, then unpacking and hopping on the road with the RV it was a lot and we didn’t get to our campsite until after dark.  

-Packed slip on shoes for everyone to wear in and out of the RV when not hiking.

-Packed our own cooking utensils and gone paper products 100% instead of using their dishes.  

-We would have stayed at a different RV park; this site was overpriced for what you get.  There were no grills or fire pits at their pull through sites which was a big bummer but we made do.

Things I am super thankful we packed:

-a leash backpack for our 3 year old

-sandwich bags for packed lunches along the way

-hats/gloves/winter coats just in case weather didn't cooperate

-hiking boots - most trails didn't require them but if it rains or snows at all, you'll be really thankful for backup!


Our menu for days 2 and 3:

breakfast- provided by hotel on day 2

lunch - peanut butter & honey sandwiches, chips and fruit for the kids; deli style sandwiches for the adults.  Because is there really a meal in which B Grimme does not require meat?

dinner - grilled chicken salads at the campsite

breakfast - oatmeal + fruit, protein shakes (brought from home, Isagenix style) 

lunch - sandwiches + chips + fruit - packed for our day of hiking the Arches in Canyonlands!

dinner - brats/smoked sausage, green beans + corn, skillet potatoes

dessert - S’MORES!  Because, camping.  

easy snacks, because being outdoors hiking and doing all the things will involve so. much. snacking - fruit, trail mix, TJ’s fruit bars, & Luna Bars (blueberry and lemon are family favorites)

water water water - I packed some Replenish drink mix-ins from Isagenix since we were outdoors so much and at such a high elevation.

Stay tuned for days 4 & 5 next week and check out the #grimmesgowest on Instagram for a photo recap!